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What are the Odds

Today’s infographic involves a lot of math and probability. It shows that there are many things stacked against us being here, as we are, today. Beginning with the probability that our parents met, and then stayed together.

The infographic continues with probabilities involving a certain sperm and egg meetings, and on the fact that all of our ancestors met and reproduced the right person who led down to us is astronomical. There is an extremely slim chance that all of this happened to create you, the odds are basically 0.

Rather than thinking about these odds that involve tens of thousands of 0s, let’s think about different odds. The odds that you get a certain cookie, the odds that you run into someone in the hall way, or the odds that you get a certain student.

Blog: http://visual.ly/what-are-odds


Photo taken by Ewan McIntosh in a Taxi in Shanghai

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