IE7 Beta

Wesley Fryer has shared with us that the much anticipated (common intro to Microsoft products) IE 7 Beta is available for download.

Techlearning blog: IE 7 Beta for Windows:

At long last, Windows users of Internet Explorer can natively utilize and leverage the power of RSS by downloading and using Internet Explorer 7, which is in beta. Talking about “RSS” and “ATOM” feeds in social settings has and continues to be a great way to invite blank stares from others, but IE7 should help address that… at least a little.

I am not impressed. OK, so I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve had Safari 2.0 for months and have not once made use of it’s RSS features. You see, I don’t really see RSS as being something that you browse, or at least not in the same way that we traditionally use a web browser. RSS is a fundamentally new way of organizing and communicating information. We haven’t yet figured out all of the ways that we can use it to add value to the information ecology. But I do fear, that if we try to hard to fit it into our traditional (yeah, right!) ways of browsing digital networked information, then we may limit ourselves from recognizing some more interesting and potentially powerful applications of RSS.

NetVibes I’m much more interested in some of the Web 2.0 applications for aggregating content. Some examples include:


I’m using NetVibes right now as my principal aggregator. It enables me, much like PageFlakes, to format my feeds into a personal dynamic document, that acts, and to some extent looks like a digital newspaper.  See the picture.

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