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War and Peace

This infographic found on visual.ly is a great infographic about major wars of since America became a country. It goes through every war, from the American Revolution to post 9/11 and shows the amount of time spent in battle, the amount of money spent on war, and the number of lives lost.

According to this infographic, America has spent half of it's its existence in war. Based on my knowledge of history, this is not terribly uncommon. Most countries have been in war in defense or offense over borders, money, or even love. Challenge your students to research some of the minor wars and find out the reasons behind them.

This infographic is also a great example of how to create an infographic. It uses a gun as a timeline, and a bulls eye to show lives loss. It is a great example of how to use implements from the subject to who information in an infographic.

Blog: http://visual.ly/wars-us-fought


  • http://www.downes.ca Stephen Downes

    > According to this infographic, America has spent half of it’s existence in war. Based on my knowledge of history, this is not terribly uncommon.

    Really? I think you should recheck your history. For most nations, being at peace is the norm, with periods of war in between. It is only for aggressive empires – the Roman Empire, the Mongol Empire, the British Empire, the Americans – that war is the norm.

    p.s. It should be “its” not “it’s”

    • http://blog.idave.us/ David Warlick

      @Stephen Downes, You make a very good point. Perhaps what Ryann should have written was, “From the history I was taught, this is not terribly uncommon.” Canadian schools may be different, but we’re taught history through the lenses of Egypt, Rome, Charlemagne, Spain, Britain, and, yes, a lot of U.S.

      I’m currently reading a very good biography of Daniel Boone by Robert Morgan, and am reminded that from several perspectives, our Westward Movement was empire building. Of course it was our destiny. (tongue in cheek)

  • http://www.dkspire.com james anderson

    Make or wage war

  • Wannetta Fincher


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