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Magnificence and Beauty

Taken over North Carolina, July 29, 2010

It’s like dreaming — so real, until you’re back on your feet and navigating your terrestrial world. But when I’m in the air, flying above the clouds, it is a different place, so removed and foreign from the environment that nurtured by growing. I’ve mentioned before that I was already middle-aged the first time I flew in an airplane.

But I was reminded of the magnificence and beauty this morning, when I slide my pocket Canon’s SD card into my MacBook Pro, and downloaded about 40 shots of Chris Lehmann’s keynote yesterday (I find I can get at least one good picture when I just lay down on the shutter button and let it go, click, click, click, click…)

I took several pictures of the cloud, from the plane window yesterday as we’d started our initial descent into Raleigh. It was a thunder boomer and there were lots of other thunder boomers in the area, though we had a conveniently clear corridor into RDU.

The sun, which had already passed beneath the horizon was evidently still high enough that it still shown directly on the very top of the cloud, producing this gold crown.

Sometimes I just have to shake my head at what molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles can shape themselves into. It’s magic!


  • chris

    Beautiful picture, David. Thanks for the reminder of the magic in the world.

  • http://scottmerrick.net scott

    Wow, man, absolutely allegorical. So no filter, eh? I’m setting my Panasonic Lumix to rapidfire shutter right now.

    • http://2cents.davidwarlick.com David Warlick

      Nope, no filter. But I have to confess doing a little work with iPhoto, increasing the contrast a bit…

      Actually a took several pictures before I got the camera’s ASA set back down from the 800 I had it at for the conference. I think this was at 100 here. But I did forget to set the light source as daylight. I think it was set for Tungsen (whatever that means). Hence, the dominance of blue…

  • http://cogdogblog.com/ Alan Levine

    You and Georgia

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  • http://thunderblunders.com Nini

    Thank you for sharing! We all need visions and moments like that! Nourishment for our “innards.”

Photo taken by Ewan McIntosh in a Taxi in Shanghai

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