One Billionth Internet User

Jakob NielsonI’ve been working on a reflective article for a number of days now, in amongst the holiday activities, but ran across this from Web Usability Guru Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox blog, and just had to pass it on.

Some time in 2005, we quietly passed a dramatic milestone in Internet history: the one-billionth user went online. Because we have no central register of Internet users, we don’t know who that user was, or when he or she first logged on. Statistically, we’re likely talking about a 24-year-old woman in Shanghai.1

According to Morgan Stanley, 36% of the current billion users are in Asia. 24% are in Europe, and 23% live in North America. The first Internet communication happened in North America in 1969. It has taken 36 year for the Internet to reach its first billion users. It is projected that the two-billionth user will come online in the next ten years.

It’s a very interesting article with lots of ideas to reflect on as we enter the next year of the 21st century.

Nielsen, Jakob. “One Billion Internet Users.” Jakob Nielsen’s Alertbox. 19 Dec. 2005. 24 Dec. 2005 <>.

Author: David Warlick

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