Why did Google Make this Harder

I use to love demonstrating RSS to audiences.  Alas, I have never seen teachers become so sophisticated in their understanding and use of new technologies as during the past two or three years.  I’m not sure if some sort of tipping point has been reached or if it’s because learning this stuff has become a whole lot easier.

Anyway, I was showing off a few things you can do with RSS the other day, when I found, in front of thousands (probably closer to 12), that Google had removed its RSS subscribe link in its news search.  Before now, when you conducted a Google News search, you could subscribe to that search in your reader, such that it would continue to inform you when new news is published that includes your search term or phrase.  Very cool!

I did a little research this morning and found that the feeds are still there and they continue to work.  You just have to manually rewrite the search URL, adding “&output=rss“.  So if you search for “best wine” and the resulting URL is:

http://news.google.com/news?q=best wine

You just add the output like this:

http://news.google.com/news?q=best wine&output=rss

…and you will be able to subscribe to that URL as an rss feed.

So why has Google made this harder to do?

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Author: David Warlick

David Warlick has been an educator for the past 40+ years. He continues to do some writing, but is mostly seeking his next intersect between play, passion and purpose, dabbling in photography, drone videography and music production.