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I’ve not written in a few days.  It’s funny what happens during my extended times at home, where I have a chance to relax, smell the roses, do a little reading, pet the dog, and take lots of walks with Brenda.  Well, I’ve actually spent a few minutes with most of those distractions, but mostly I’ve been crunching trying to catch up on e-mail, preparing for an upcoming virtual address, re-orienting myself for an old client that has come back into my life, blah blah blah.

From Jeff’s Blog

So I spent about 15 minutes this morning looking “out there,” mostly Facebook and Twitter, and a few things caught my attention.  First and foremost, an early morning post by Jeff Utecht (or could it be yesterday already in Bangkok?) on why 1:1.  It’s one of those questions I scratch my head about — it’s simply not an “if” question any more.  It’s “when!”

But Jeff steps back to a May 4th 2007 New York Times article, Seeing No Progress, Some Schools Drop Laptops, which recently resurfaced in the Twittersphere, and responds to a number of the article’s points in What’s the purpose of going 1:1.  It’s a great read from a young man who’s living what he speaks.

Doug Peterson pointed to this Simple Thoughts post listing the “Top 10 Twitter Clients for Mac OS X.”  It somewhat discredits the list that Tweetdeck was not present — in my humble opinion.  But there were several I didn’t know about.  I think I’ll take a look at Spaz — and Lounge looks pretty useful, without taking over an entire desktop.

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I’m still looking for a descent Twitter client for Ubuntu.

Finally, Boing Boing posted an art student’s project to make a car almost invisible.  I’m sure there’s a metaphor here.  Any help?

Oh Yeah!  I did finally get Tweetdeck to work on my Linux-powered netbook.

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