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Are you Willing?

I just had an interesting experience with my in-laws. We met them at a diner in Shelby for breakfast and over eggs, toast, and grits, Alvin told me that his Internet wasn’t working. So we agreed to stop by their house on the way out of town.

When we arrived, I went straight to his boy-room (the man never got over his childhood, and has always bought interesting things for himself) and pulled out my laptop to test his WiFi. No problem. Then I went to his Toshiba laptop, and again, no problem. We talked a bit more, and I discovered that it was his iPod Touch he’d bought himself for Christmas that was the problem. (I’ll say here that I hope that this stuff is a lot simpler when I’m 92)

So I ended out solving his problem by reminding him of the button he needed to touch to bring up Safari. We continued to talk and I did the whole, “Now here’s my current killer-app.” And then it occurred to me.

“Have you ever used YouTube, Alvin?”

He thought for a minute, and then mentioned a video he’d used to learn a line dance (I also, hope I’m dancing when I am 92). He told me that he had found the video through a Google search. So I pulled up YouTube, talking about what a wonderful learning tool this was. I typed in iPod Touch tutorials, and a whole slew of videos came up. I clicked into a number of them, including one on how to move YouTube videos into your iPod Touch.

And here’s the interesting part. All of the videos were produced by boys, around the ages of 10 to 12. So I turned to Alvin and said, “You can learn to do most any thing you want with your iPod Touch her, as long as you’re willing to learn from a 10 year old.”

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  • http://bigrivergromit.wordpress.com Clay Bergen

    Interesting is just the tip of the ice berg. Check out this article in Wired magazine: http://www.wired.com/medtech/genetics/magazine/17-02/ff_diygenetics

    What’s remarkable is this father’s dedication to finding the cure/treatment for his daughter’s condition in the face of massive odds. This reminds me of your Jail 24/7 article in that if someone is motivated to find or understand an answer, they WILL get it. It just might take longer to get there for some.

  • http://bigrivergromit.wordpress.com bigrivergromit

    I read a very interesting article in Wired magazine about a man who was attempting to find out, and correct, his daughter’s medical condition. All of his work has been done basically in his ‘spare’ time and with borrowed facilities, etc… It is remarkable to read this story about the miracle of modern genetics, and yet the amazing ethical questions it raises as well.

    The story also reminded me of your Jail 24/7 “rant” in that if someone really WANTS to get something accomplished their desire will far outweigh any “I was forced to” mentality.

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  • http://clevengerchrisedm310.blogspot.com/ Chris Clevenger

    I know all too well what you went through. My grandmother just recently got a droid cell phone and I walked her through sending a text. The first three or four texts weren’t too good, but she just recently sent me a picture of my niece without me showing her how. Its good that elderly people can embrace technology. I too hope things are easier for me when I am that age.

  • robin

    It is wonderful to see individuals of all ages embrace Michelangelo’s thought, “Ancora Imparo” (I am still learning). When we cease to be interested in learning – we cease to live. Kudos to the mature gentleman who still has his “boy room” and is diving, head first, into technology. He is a great role model for my students who are much younger.

  • C Haynie

    Are You Willing?
    I think that it is great that your 92 year old father-in-law has embraced modern technology. Many people decades younger are not as willing to embrace it. I myself feel anti-technology minded about some things.

    You bring a valuable point to the front. Young people are very techno-savvy and we must be willing to give them our attention and learn what they have to teach about modern technology.

    It has been said that there is a lot one can learn from the elderly, if one only takes the time to listen. They same can now be said of our children. We need to be listening.

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