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I posted this survey yesterday, using a hosted service, to resounding response.  In fact, we reached my 10 megabyte limit sometime last night, which locked the survey down — even my access to the data.

So, I downloaded some open source survey software this morning (LimeSurvey) and installed it on my own server.  I also added a question to the survey. 

I hope this works, because we do not want this to get any longer.

So, if you wouldn’t mind, please take a few minutes to answer the following questions about how you learn through your networks.

The URL of the suvey page is

Thanks in advance!

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2 thoughts on “PLN Survey”

  1. Was interested to see the difference in questions you’ve asked in your questions on PLN’s compared to my survey; and will be interested in our differing conclusions. If you want a copy of the results from mine so far let me know.

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