Live Blogging Panel Discussion in International School Island

A Second Life Panel Interview with Fire Centauri

I have a self induced deadline to have the second phase of Big Ideas up by 8:00 AM, but just captured a Tweet from Chris Smith (AKA Shamblesguru Voom), of an interview in Second Life with Fire Preibisch (AKA Fire Centaur).  He’s talking about his first night in Korea as an International School teacher — got lost his first night.  But people are incredibly kind, and he’s stayed.  To combat culture shock, he learned salsa, and goes salsa dancing with a community of dancing Koreans.

A picture of English Island, Zombies gallor, and me, carefully approaching the dinosaur robot for a ride.  Touch the picture for enlargement.

His main reason for coming to Korea was the bandwidth. It’s 1.5 MB/s to 4MB/s, and everyone appears to have Internet — no digital divide.

They’re starting to talk about English Village now, Fire’s space on Second Life. When he first entered Second Life, he uploaded covers of some of the books he was teaching, and when he learned that you could assemble a Smartboard-type of display he knew he had something. Fire also has a holodeck where he can res different environments, since he’s limited to only 16 acres.

The island features a French Villa, scooters, talking signs that he’s loaded his voice into, and a thumbnail smartboard. There is also a a giant dinosaur robot that will take you on a tour of the island.

Fire has a blog called English Village Asia

We just played a game with skeletons and zombies coming out of a funnel.  You destroy them by clicking on the vermin, and then filling in the blank of an English Idium.  Fun, though the floor was covered with bones. 

The finale was a ride on the dinosaur robot.  I tried to capture with my screen capture software, but the resing was so choppy that it didn’t come through.  One of the pictures to the left is me approaching (carefully) the dino to get a ride on its back.


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Author: David Warlick

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