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The is the Mac OSX file browser in Finder

The other day I started a presentation by doing a quick demo of SearchMe, a graphical search engine.  As a search engine, it doesn’t touch Google.  However, its graphical nature does give it some advantages.  When you type your search term, it displays images of the web pages in a Mac file-browser style, which comes in quite handy when you are looking for a file based on what it looks like.  Web pages often can be selected for further evaluation based on a glance.  SearchMe can also search for images and video, with which its graphical nature works even better.  You can also search for music, but I haven’t explored that yet.

But I think that the most useful and unique feature is that you can save your finds into stacks, and those stacks can be rearranged and then displayed elsewhere with embed code.  Below is a stack of the first week of the K12 Online Conference.  You can browse through the web pages that represent each session.  A panel will rise from the bottom with the title of the presentation and the description, which I had to manually copy in as I added the pages to the stack.

Practicality? It probably took me less time to build this stack than it would have taken to code it into a blog, web, or wiki page.  The graphical interface has some interface advantage, though that depends on the glance appeal of the information.  And there’s also the Wow factor, which is by no means an essential factor, but a factor none-the-less.

Simple use the drag bar at the bottom to move through the pages, or click the next or previous page to advance to back up on page at a time. Click the page that is in the forefront to visit that page in a separate browser window.

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