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Podcast Interview at EduBloggerCon Shanghai
Interviewing Ann Kremb -- Thanks to CogDogBlog, Alan Levine, for his fantastic pictures of the EduBloggerCon and the entire Learning 2.0 conference in Shanghai

I can’t really express the guilt I have felt about neglecting my Connect Learning podcast.  Especially as so many people comment personally on the program — more than the blog.  The problem, of course, has been time, and I have been struggling with a way to streamline the process so that post production is not nearly so time-consuming. [Image ((Levine, Alan. “David Warlick Podcast Interview with Dear Librarian.” Cogdogblog’s Photostream. 18 Sep 2008. 3 Oct 2008 <>. ))]

So, as a solution, I have abandoned GarageBand as my audio tool of choice, and adopted Audacity as the prime means of cranking my podcasts out from the audio recorder to the RSS feed.  I’ve put together a standard music opening, using GarageBand, and a closing file, and created a template Audacity file with both tracks.  When I want to post a new program, I simply drag the recorded audio file from the USB recorder into Audacity, move it to start just as the opening ends, and then move the closing track over to the end of the recording and save as MP3.  Upload that into SlapCast and link the audio file to WordPress.

I will likely, at some point, jetison the WordPress blog and just use Slapcast as the RSS feed generator, but that will take some more experimenting.

At this point, you’ll find a new podcast at Connect Learning, an interview with Ann Krembs (Dear Librarian), head librarian of the American School in Bombay.  We met at the Shanghai EduBloggerCon as month and amongst all of the other conversations, I asked her to tell us about the virtual library project at her school.

Regretably, it will be a bit difficult to listen too, because of all of the background talk.  But I think that everything is perfectly understandable.

Here is a slide show of Flickr images the result from a search of Shanghai and edubloggercon.

As a reminder, Connect Learning can be reached at  In case you have given up and dumped Connect Learning from your aggregator or iTunes, you can resubscribe from this RSS Feed.

Author: David Warlick

David Warlick has been an educator for the past 40+ years. He continues to do some writing, but is mostly seeking his next intersect between play, passion and purpose, dabbling in photography, drone videography and music production.