Best Reading in Days — a Contract

Logo for Learning 2.0 ConferenceMy head’s been elsewhere lately, working toward an insane deadline — which ended yesterday — and I’m still a good two days from finished. I’m upset, but thousands of times more excited about what I’m writing. More about that later.

As I say, my head’s been elsewhere and I have not been able to do any reading for days. That might well be the reason why I got so excited this morning with reading and signing a contract. It’s official — I’ll be speaking at the Learning 2.0 conference in Shanghai in September. I am so excited. But, what’s peculiar is that reading the contract has filled me with more anticipation of energy, conversation, discovery and intensity than most conference programs.

It is no surprise that this is a different kind of conference. It’s not the first one, and many of us witnessed the first Learning 2.0 conference, where they pulled in the first string of ed thinkers like Alan November, Will Richardson, Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach, Jamie McKenzie, Gary Stager, Wes Fryer, and Chris Smith. This year, it’s the second string. Well that’s not nearly true — with David Jakes, Sheryl (again), Clarence Fisher, Ewan McIntosh, George Siemens, Marco Torres, and a dog! No, that’s Alan Levine — the Cog Dog himself.

That contract was so unique because it very plainly described a conference that is not being planned by a committee so much as it is being planted, cultivated, and grown, as much by the attendees as by the top-notch planners. This is sure to be something that will be watched for a long time. [Enlarged Photo ((Fryer, Wesley. “Linda Sills Shares Opening Comments.” Wesley Fryer’s Photostream. 14 Sep 2007. 16 Apr 2008 <>.))]

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Author: David Warlick

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