Picture of My Personal Learning Network

I got bored on the plane, this morning, so I pulled out my laptop, loaded Inspiration, and put this together. The problem is that elements of my PLN will occur to me over time, and I’ll add them in. But this was my first attempt at drawing a picture of it.

Picture of my Personal Learning Network
Incomplete -- as it should be

It's a few minutes later, after a rash of Twittered questions, I see a need for some explanation:

  1. The cloud at the top represents the people component of my PLN. They are (well you can read the categories). They blog, they publish their bookmarks with Del.icio.us or Diigo. Most of that comes in through my aggregator.
  2. Many of the folks I learn from Twitter as well, so that constitutes another avenue.
  3. I’m also fortunate to be able to attend lots of conferences, where I always learn through conversations.
  4. I also learn from news and from announcements about new information services and applications. Some of this a subscribe to directly with my aggregator. But most of the best news and announcements come for the people who blog about them or Twitter them.
  5. I think that there is a critical part of my PLN that I haven’t really written about before. It is my reflective endeavors, what I do with what I learn, to write it in context, to add to my context, to continue to construct knowledge.
  6. I continue to try to build knowledge because I want to share it, through my teaching, my writing, and web apps that I build and build onto, and especially the conversations I engage in with people at conferences and workshops.

Some questions that have been Twittered in:

What about Social networks like Facebook and MySpace?

I ‘ll have to say that I do not get very much value from my Facebook or Linked in presence. I’m not even paying as much attention to Diigo as I’d though I would.

No reference to my Twittering out.

This is probably something I should consider adding in. Thanks Smyth!

Someone asks, How about implementing in the classroom?

I’m afraid that I haven’t gotten there yet. I promote PLNs for educators as a professional self-development endeavor. I’m not really sure most classrooms are ready for student PLNs, at least as I see them.

There are no people!

Well, the people are in the cloud, and there is no message in that 😉 I know that some think of the individuals in their personal learning network. I just can’t do that. There are too many. I see the network as a community, a brain in its own right.

I wonder if it produces and upward spiral or spinning wheels?

Hmmm! An interesting visual. Of course, I’d prefer the upward spiral, and some how tapping into the centrifugal force of it for adding value. I’ll be thinking about that during the next leg of my flight 😉

Oh!  They’re getting ready to board.  Got to go!


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