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It has been a very long day of preparing a Digital Citizenship conference in Missouri on Friday, and trying to get caught up on stuff. I just got to e-mail only an hour ago. One of the most interesting aspects of the day was posing a question on Twitter about digital natives, digital immigrants, and digital citizens, and then harvesting the two dozen or so insightful responses that I got back and including them in the wiki handouts for Friday’s conference.

Speaking at the NCCCADL Conference
Patrick Keough took this picture of me at the conference and posted it in his report at KEOBLOG
Yesterday I presented at the North Carolina Community Colleges Distance Learning Conference. It’s probably the one type of conference that I am least qualified to present at, and that I learn the most from. These are digital educators in almost every sense of the word, and just great folks.

During lunch (fantastic lasagna), the president of the association proposed, as part of a business meeting, changes in the association’s by-laws, one of them to remove the organizations web master as a de facto member of the board of directors. When the by-laws were first written, they had a web master who was the person they all had to go to to publish information on the web. The web required such a person with the technical knowledge and skills. It made sense that the web master should be in on the meetings.

Today, however, there is no reason for the web master to attend meetings, because they do not have a web master. There is no need. The association uses some sort of content management system, so that the appropriate board (or association) member can publish their information directly to the site.

It’s just another indication of how the Web is changing.

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