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I’m currently planning (in my head so far) a presentation and extended workshop on personal learning networks. There are a couple of questions that are rolling around in my head right now, that I’d like to cast out into this cauldron of perspectives.

The questions are:

  • In what ways are personal learning networks like our students’ MySpace or Facebook sites?
  • In what ways are they different?
  • Are the stages for developing your personal learning network?
  • What are the fundamental characteristics of a personal learning network?

So if you have time and some thoughts on any of this questions, I’d love to stir them in.


  • http://www.apaceofchange.com Damian

    I’ve been dealing with this in trying to help my students establish pseudo-PLNs with Twitter. I can’t speak to the MySpace or Facebook comparisons, but as far as fundamental characteristics, I think motivation and participation are crucial. Without either, the network doesn’t exist.

    I thought I covered all my technical bases, and even gave some pedagogical reasons for setting them up in a “walled garden” Twitter network, but at this point, about a month after setting up the network, it’s only me and maybe 3 or 4 students who are “regulars” on the network.

    Some students have experienced technical problems in trying to use Twitter from home (which I can’t diagnose since I don’t make house calls), but many just seem to have lost interest, after expressing a great deal of interest in class. I’m not sure exactly why that is, so my next step is to talk with them to see what they would want to get out of it (probably should have been my first step anyway).

    I think structure is probably important, too, at least for younger students (I’m trying this with 10th graders). Due to a number of personal and professional issues, I haven’t been able to devote as much time as I’d have liked to developing network-based activities. I want to come back to it in the second half of the semester with some more structured activities; I’ve got a few kicking around in my mind, and will blog on them as I implement them.

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  • Andrew the great

    I don’t understand the question.

  • They call me Ruth

    I also don’t understand the questions.

  • The Tehnee

    I’m sorry, i don’t believe the questions are understandable.

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