Another Mini-vacation

Smoky MountainsWith the K12 Online Conference keynote, still incomplete, my writing deadline looming, conference proposals due, and I start serious travel again next week, Brenda and I are taking off for Cullowhee, North Carolina, this morning for Mountain Heritage Day, which starts in the morning.  Today, we’re hoping to get away early enough to drive up through Marion and pick up the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We’re not expecting a lot of color, with the drought, but it’s such a great drive.

We’ll take my daughter out to a play tonight, got a room by the river, and then soaking in the mountain ways all day tomorrow, before driving back to Raleigh.  We’ll buy some smoky mountain honey, some preserves, resist buying any more nic knacks, listen to some blue grass music, wish I’d kept that old banjo, and certainly get my day’s worth of walking in.

I wonder if I can edit video in the car?

4 thoughts on “Another Mini-vacation”

  1. Well actually provided you are not driving I can see no reason why no. Just thinking that it is a possibility is worth it. Unless off course you get sick with working in a car.

    Myself I seriously considered an Elluminate session while in Yumga/Skype chat session and an Adobe Connect session (two different sessions). Would have managed the two sessions but unbelievable they wanted me to talk in the Adobe Connect session and unlike Elluminate they would have heard me talking in the Skype conference call. So ruined all my plans.


  2. Gosh, I hope not. I understand that you have a lot to do, but I am so envious of your mini vacation. I lived in North Carolina many, many years ago and forgot about the beauty until you were describing some of what you plan to do. Please enjoy for all of us! Work will be there when you get back!

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