A Blog in the Woods?

BloggingBarry Bachenheimer posted a comment on one of my articles the other day that I thought I would just drop-cast out to other blogging educators — for your spare change.  It’s a good question, one that bigger bloggers than us ponder.  “Does a blog in the woods, that no one reads, make any noise?”

2¢ Worth » Rants for a Rant!:

In your books and posts you promote blogging for teachers as a great way to collaborate, communicate, and share ideas. I concur…but as long as there is someone to share with.

I have been encouraging teachers I work with to start bogs for themselves and their students. Many have, but the concern they share is that no one comments…besides themselves. Teachers said that if the only people who are going to read what they write are the people across the hall who took the same blogging workshop and set up a similar Blogger page, then what is the point?

I guess the larger question is, how do teachers get themselves “out there” to be read and be commented on so they can see the value? The same applies for kids as well. If a student in a social studies class wants to blog about their opinion on a civil war issue for example, it gains a lot of value when they can share and be commented on from other students studying the same thing in a different state.

I just want to make three quick comments here:

  1. When I started blogging, and attended a number of BloggerCons, this was a common question, and the consistent answer was, “Just keep blogging and readers will come.”  For me, it worked.
  2. Engage in the conversation.  Read other bloggers who write in the same topics, to the same community, and engage.  Comment on their blog, and be sure that you enter the URL of your blog when you sign in.  When you can, blog your comment.  Often, the original blog will capture the link to your blog, and link back to it.  To be read, you have to become part of the conversation.
  3. I would encourage your teachers to read each other’s blogs.  Start a conversation through your blogs within the school.  Get teachers talking about what they are teaching, how they are teaching it, and why, and to present it in a way that would be valuable to other teachers in the school.  Other teachers in your school may be just the readers and commenters you need.

Finally, write short blogs.  I can’t tell you how many good blog articles I’ve missed, simply  because, as I pull it up, I decide instantly, I do not have the time to read this right now.

In all likelihood, you aren’t reading this, because its too long 😉

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38 thoughts on “A Blog in the Woods?”

  1. At this point I have about 1 reader, so I mainly blog to myself. So I use my blog to express myself and also as a handy list of reminders for things I’d like to try or develop further. So far I’m fine with that but to know someone else enjoys and/or learns from my blog would also be nice. My time will come……

  2. Greetings,
    Another option would be to have teachers start in a social network setting such as NING. A school could set up their own group within a network as well as encourage their teachers to participate in the larger network. It seems to me that this would provide ready access to additional readers for a beginning blogger.

    1. Chris,

      Are you aware of a school faculty that uses a Ning network in this manner? I have been looking for one to study. I found a private Ning at a high school in Georgia and have made contact with the library media specialist who created it for her teachers, but it’s a new concept for the faculty and is slow in catching on. If you can direct me to a school that is using a social network to undergird a professional learning community, I’d be most appreciative. . .

  3. The first blog I started was about my avocation. I write about sailing. It is something I am passionate about so it is easy to think of things to write about. My favorite day was one where I had 50 hits because I posted a youtube video about sailing on Pamlico Sound. I don’t care whether people comment but I do enjoy seeing that my blog is being accessed. The best thing is that my 78 year old mother will call me to tell me that I haven’t written anything in a while. If she is my only audience, it is still worth it.

  4. David…

    Just because people don’t comment, doesn’t mean they aren’t reading…you would not believe how powerful a motivator a clustrmap is – for students and adults!

    While the conversation is important, part of why I blog is reflection. It allows me to crystallize my thoughts, make connections…and that is also part of my learning…:)

    I am sure that much learning was done in traditional private paper-based journals and diaries…


    1. Yes, Jeff, my thoughts exactly. My blog is essentially a place for me to make my thoughts concrete and to hold myself accountable for my thinking (as it relates to my work as a graduate student). Knowing the possibility that someone might stumble upon and read it, well, that is extremely motivating and satisfying. Ultimately, though, the blog is for me. My entries are long and maybe a little self-conscious, but I am a more disciplined writer now than ever before in my adult life.

  5. Susan Roustan, from BeyondPodcasting was not able to post a comment here, so she e-mailed it to me. Here’s what she said:

    “I absolutely agree with this! In my own blog, I have found that reading the work of others and then commenting has brought readership – as well as just continuing to write. If I may be so bold, I would like to add three things to this entry that I have found true in my own blog:

    1.) Don’t just read what others have written and then comment on it. Write your own blog about what they said and then link back to their page. I can’t tell you how many times I have read someone’s blog because they have linked to mine – or vice versa.

    2.) Don’t underestimate the power of the RSS feed. I refuse to read blogs that aren’t syndicated because I simply don’t have time to manually bring up every page.

    3.) You are completely allowed to rant – it’s a good thing – just not every entry. There is a silver lining, I promise – find it. 🙂

    I hope this helps, Barry and everyone else!”

    1. Pow! I should have expected that one. What I think is dead, is the idea that quantity means value — and I think that this is especially true in a world with an (overwhelming) abundance of information.

      But that’s kinda beside the point. Is blogging the end of depth? I think not. If anything, it can lead to even more depth, because my blog article, that I posted this morning, has already grown in depth. It may not yet be deep. But depth comes from the combination of diverse perspectives and intelligences.

      Plus, since blogging doesn’t really cancel anything else out, then depth in a single person’s written expressions will be with us for a while — understanding that we must learn to express ourselves much much more efficiently — myself included.

  6. This is the problem I see with private blogs — totally cut off from everyone. However, even when I blog with my younger students — conversation is to be encouraged. I think it depends on where they are and if they are hyperlinking and pinging — those things automatically get readers. But they should be reading each other’s work within the class.

  7. The begging question, is the purpose of blogging just to “get an audience?” There are other modes/reasons for blogging, as some commenters alluded to- to be a Cory Doctorow “outdoor brain”, to be your own repository/folio of ideas/projects. To leave tracks.

    Number of commenters are a gross under-estimate of your audience. Most of your audience does not leave a record, they come in from the side door, and you do not know they are there.

    You have hit a key point, blogging only in your own blog is not a conversation, it is just shouting on the corner. Both brief commenting in others space, and blogging other blog posts help as suggested. But use your URl everywhere- on your resume, in your email footer, on your biz cards.

    And whether using NING, or some other tool like PageFlakes, you can assemble a community of bloggers as a group, say for a group of teachers iin the same subject, school etc. Create a group where you agree to read each others blogs. Create activities that call for the interations to happen.

    Finally, 3 or 4 years ago, when it was novel, just blogging as am educator was enough to draw some interest. Just being a tree was enough to lure visitors.

    But there are many bloggers now (a good thing), so now to be a thriving tree in the forest, you ought to consider finding your voice that can make what you write/post unique. Just a litany of “This is cool and a link elsewhere” is not. You ought to find your passion and express it as uniquely and as “you” as possible. Create your own context from your own experiences. Be interesting.

    Frankly, making sweeping generalizations about blogs “All blogs are XXXX” is preposterous- no one can possibly read, follow so many grains of sand on the beach to justify conclusions. There is too much variety to generalize.

  8. Wow. “Honored” to see my name pop out on my Bloglines this morning on Dave’s blog.

    Thank you for all the suggestions.

    Blogging offers many new opportunities and challenges for our teachers and students. Opportunities to communicate, collaborate, publish, and get a wider view of the world than the myopic look at their own town. Challenges for security, safety, flaming, reputation, libel,spelling, copyright issues, depth, accuracy, etc. etc.

    The reason for my initial question came from teachers who wanted to increase their and their students’ audience to more than the class or the clas across the hall without opening too many of the challenges listed above.

    Like anything new, you have to work it out to get a solution. However, as this exchange and posting has proven, what was a local issue and question for me has now become a larger collaborative discussion.

    I thank you all and look forward to more discussion!


  9. David,

    As a professional writer and editor, my entire life is governed by writing less. I understand the reality and often benefits of constraints. I also understand that school does great violence to the writing process by equating more words with maturation.

    However, while conversation may be encouraged in a blog, I’m not sure that is the same as a well-reasoned essay or carefully-crafted story.

    I’m sure people were concerned that Readers Digest would destroy books and magazines, just like current video media has not exterminated radio.

    However,although this is clearly the golden age of book publishing, ONE IN FOUR Americans read ZERO books last year.

    If the future of “information” is indeed online and nobody will read anything longer than a few paragraphs, then what?


    PS: One of the great things about books is that they don’t require a captcha!

    1. Just so the statistic makes sense in context, how many Americans in four read books the year before? Ten years before that?

      I would guess without any substantiation that as multimedia rises with more opportunity to read elsewhere, American are probably reading the same amount, but less of books since there are other things to read. Do you feel that is true?

      (It seems either way that Borders, Barnes and Noble, and the library still seem to be doing good business?)

  10. Gary – I have to agree with you – to a point – about actually reading a book. It is nice not to have to worry about battery life, environmental concerns, etc. when cracking-open an actual book.

    However, I’d be interested if anyone has been asking today’s students how they prefer to read? I asked a group of students at the Philadelphia School of the Future, if given the choice, would you choose to read a physical book, or the same on your laptop. Much to my surprise, they ALL picked the laptop! And why, I asked? Because they would then have access to lookup the words they didn’t know so they would better understand the reading.

    Sure, you could argue that ‘why not just carry a dictionary?’ But the web offers SO much more than a dictionary. It was nice to hear that they are inquisitive about such things.

    And thanks to all bloggers everywhere – I learn so much more when thrashing ideas about in this way!

  11. Dave (Salon),

    I realize that paper book preference may in fact be generational. That isn’t the point I’m making.

    The point I’m making is based on the notion that communication needs to be in short chunks or it won’t be read. The blogosphere adds speed to brevity as virtues as well. If you don’t respond quickly, the conversation leaves you behind.

    I’m glad you raised the Philadelphia School of the Future. They are faced by another reality that the ideological adults deny. That is, not every book is yet available in digital form.

    Therefore, if a kid at the Microsoft school wants to read Harry Potter, they can’t do so (at least in school) because it’s not available in eBook format (or wasn’t the last time I checked).

    Given that poor urban kids are MUCH less likely to have access to high-interest reading material in their bedrooms, classrooms, local public library and non-existent neighborhood book stores, it is irresponsible for the school leaders to embark on an anti-paper jihad.

    Incidentally, I would be interested in learning about the reading habits of the SOF kids prior to them owning laptops.


    PS: In case you think I’m anti-laptop, that could not be farther from the truth. I led PD in the first laptop schools in the world 17+ years ago and am a well-known advocate for every child having a full-featured multimedia laptop.

  12. I don’t know about whether the 1/4 reading statistic is ahistoric or not. Zero books can’t be an encouraging number for any literate citizen.

    Incidentally, Borders is having financial trouble and may be the victim of a merger with Barnes and Noble based on a recent Supreme Court decision making monopolistic consolidation more possible.

    Again, this doesn’t change the question of whether we want students to be able to read more than soundbites.

  13. I have been blogging seriously for a few months now. Mostly I do it for enjoyment and to keep my writing skills sharp. Whenever I wonder if anyone is reading my blog someone will post a comment. Politicians say one letter equals X number of people who fell the same way on a subject. I like to think one comment is equal to a number of people reading my blog and that keeps me going.

  14. I was struck by this sentence: “Teachers said that if the only people who are going to read what they write are the people across the hall who took the same blogging workshop and set up a similar Blogger page, then what is the point?”

    Good point. I wonder if they extend that logic to their students. If the only people who are going to read what they write is the teacher, what is the point?”

  15. Should we expect students (or adults for that matter) to always jump from no knowledge or awareness of a subject or concept immediately to great depth? Not likely in most cases.

    What the blogging world does for me is raise that awareness about many different things via the conversations and debates that go on. I can then choose whether or not I want to investigate something further. Another analogy would be that blogs put things on people’s “radar” – where it goes from there is up to the reader.

    And would we rather have people reading stuff in blogs only vs. not reading anything at all? Yes, soundbite level understanding has its problems, but it at least is a level of understanding which can serve as a launching point. But lets face it – what topics do an awful lot of people in this country have as their items of great and deep interest? Entertainment and sports. How many out there really genuinely research candidates and their positions, political decisions that are impending, or other items of profoundness? If reading a blog at least sparks an interest in something beyond the trivial, I’ll take it as a start…

  16. What a great discussion and the initial post hits at what I do. If the post is long I promise myself I will be back to read it, but usually I don’t. Shorter is better.
    And the issue with why blog if no one reads it? I love the writing with a difference sense of potential audience. I know some people read my blog and that’s enough of now.

  17. The original question was, “How do I get people to read my blog?” Other, equally and vitally important questions have been introduced in this conversation, such as Stager’s

    (Do) we want students to be able to read more than soundbites.

    But perhaps my mistake was in not stepping back and asking, “Why are you blogging?” “Why do you want your teachers to blog?” I know why I have suggested that teachers blog, but I should have asked, first, why Barry’s teachers want to blog, or why Barry wants his teachers to blog?

    The sound bite thing is also worthy of exploring. It seems to me that there is a difference between writing less and saying less. But that aside, are sound bites necessarily always a bad thing? Is there value in learning to write a sound bite?

  18. To Gary: I’d never accuse you of being anti-laptop. I think we are all friends here (even if it is virtually!) I appreciate the great back-and-forth and think you make some interesting points for further conversation. 🙂

    I won’t belabor these points since Dave is trying to rein this back in to address: ‘Why are you blogging?’ My reasons are:

    1. To force myself to reflect on current issues that are running-amok in my mind.
    2. To help share resources in my field that I find worthwhile.
    3. To placate my need for learning — utilizing unique, global connections with others.

    1. I am glad to see this come back to the WHY! This is the most important question to answer in all that we do as educators. I blog for many of the same reasons as you Dave, to reflect on what I am reading, to make connections and see how many folks around the world share similar ideas and concerns.

      I admit, there are some bloggers that post short clips that I read DAILY..there are others who tend to write longer posts that I sometimes pass over until I have the time to read and reflect upon. Sometimes I write a post based on a daily read that I then need to go back and revise after reading someone else’s thoughts…
      …Reading, thinking, reflecting, revising…these are essential kids for students whether folks are engaging in the conversation with them or not although when blogging there IS the opportunity for conversation and that is motivation for many students. I like the idea of a tracking tool as well…sometimes knowing folks are visiting is motivation enough, but I think it is important to start kids engaging in the conversation

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