K12 Online Conference

The K12Online Conference is on the way. It’s free! It’s flexible! And we hope it’s going to be forward thinking. It’s going to be a great global conversation among educators, and those who touch and are touched by educators. Go to the web site for details, and, if you don’t mind, do a very un-techie thing. Print out the sign and tac it to the bulletin board in your school, central office, or school of education.

See you then — whenever or where ever that is. 😉

3 thoughts on “K12 Online Conference”

  1. Thanks for the shout out Dave! We are so looking forward to your preconference keynote!

    The flyer is an effort to pull in those who might not find out about this event via blogs, wikis, and podcasts. You know.. the very ones we want to attend.

    Thanks again!

  2. Dave…my printer is crying…it hadn’t printed anything in weeks…but it’s for a good cause…60 copies…one in each teachers mailbox in my two schools!

    btw…haave you invited the two older ladies on the Greenway back for a cameo this year??



  3. Hey…

    Great concept!

    I have a keynote speaker lined up if you ever need one. Dr Claude Frasson, without getting into details, he studied the way the brain functions and the way people learn online to develop and ITS (intelligent tutoring system).

    It’s the 2.0 way of looking at online ed.

    looking forward to hearing from you,

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