Casual Sunday Morning Conversation

WiZiQ Session Screen ShotOn the spur, just before scanning through e-mail, I took a glance at Twitter, seeing, not surprisingly, a recent post from Jeff Utecht — well into Sunday there in Shanghai.  He said

Twitterverse I’ll be doing a test run of Wiziq in 10 minutes

..and then

Twitters join me in wiziq to see what this is all about. Cool you can upload your presentations ahead of time or search for other presentations in wiziq My session: http://…

I clicked the link, was asked to register and did so, obediently, and then found myself in an Eluminate style setting with, oh, ten or so others from Thailand, China, Australia, New Zealand, and a couple of folks, still rubbing our eyes, on the east coast of the U.S.

The tool is called WiZiQ, and it enables you to

Use WiZiQ’s virtual classroom equipped with live audio-video communication, chat, content sharing, and session recording capabilities. No download is required since it works with any web browser and on any operating system.

It’s pretty impressive for a free service, and I was especially struck by the lack of delay.  Jeff and I were able to carry on a conversation, as if we were on the phone or standing just next to each other.  I’ve not always had that experience with virtual sessions.  I took a quick screen shot during the session (see above).

I think, though, what impressed me the most was not WiZiQ, a free online elearning tool, but that all of these people were there.  Jeff just cast out this not, on Twitter, and we just showed up. 

I love Australian accents.

2 thoughts on “Casual Sunday Morning Conversation”

  1. Hey that wasn’t an Australian accent that was a Kiwi one!!! Sorry Graham)

    The session was totally incredible as you say because of the smattering of the global population who are able to participate.

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