What a Transformation

IMG_0033.JPGI am flabbergasted at the transformation.  It’s just 7:00 and I walk into a conference center that was still in shambles last night when Jakes and I were here.  It’s a conference now, full of color, and full of people.  I’ve already run into Kevin Jarret, a Second Life bud, as well as Victoria (SL Name).  Diane Midness of iEarn was just behind me in the registration line along with a young woman she introduced me to (already forget her name) who is in charge of a program there that is turning students around the world into journalists.  Too cool.

And everyone seems so alert.  I’m in trouble!

More to come!

Author: David Warlick

David Warlick has been an educator for the past 40+ years. He continues to do some writing, but is mostly seeking his next intersect between play, passion and purpose, dabbling in photography, drone videography and music production.