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What’s Inside Coffee?

According to this infographic, coffee is not nearly as harmful as it is sometimes reported to be, or they are just not giving us the full story. Wired gives us this infographic as a short video to share with us what is in the coffee so many Americans are addicted to. And since many start in high school, now may be a good time to share it.

The infographic begins by sharing that 98% of coffee is actually water, only 2% is “the good stuff.” A small percentage is actually the same chemical that cockroaches emit to warn of danger, so it may be a good thing to keep around. But as far as the caffeine itself, this infographic only shares that it keeps you awake.

This infographic does not share much about the chemicals in caffeine, aside from their name and a small tidbit of information. Assign each chemical to a group of students and have them discover what it does to the human body. Will you students still want to drink their coffee?

Blog: http://visual.ly/whats-inside-coffee?_from=homepage

Photo taken by Ewan McIntosh in a Taxi in Shanghai

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